I can´t pay my account!


I can´t pay my account!


Hi Spotify Community, 


I am living in the USA for a couple of months, and a couple of days ago, my USA card for Spotify payment was under a fraud case, so I closed it and I am waiting for a new one.


Meanwhile, I want to pay Spotify with another card I have (because Spotify is obviously warning me that payment could not be donde with the fraud-card). The card I am using to try to pay the account is from my country, Chile, but Spotify does not allow me to do the payment, because the card is chilean and it does not match with the country set in my account (USA).


So when I tried to change the country to Chile, the option for changing it is blocked.


This is very frustrating, what can I do?





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Re: I can´t pay my account!

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Hi Vero_Malzwie


The next best thing you could do is go and buy yourself a temporary, pre-loaded visa card from the grocery store. They come in amounts of $25-$50 and $100 in most grocery stores. You will have to pre load it with cash at the checkout counter, but it is the next best option I could suggest if you want spotify premium, which I might add is definitely worth the $9.99/mo in my opinion. Hopefully this helps and sorry for your troubles!