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I can't play spotify family on two devices

I can't play spotify family on two devices

I have a new Echo, which my wife was using to play music (using Spotify via Alexa) in one room, while i was playing music on my Sonos speaker (using Spotify via Sonos desktop) in another room. However, it keeps on stopping on my speaker (or on Echo) because Spotify is being used on another device. We have Spotitfy family subscription so why can't we use on two devices? Any way around the issue?
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Hey @Bryans1958,


Thanks for reaching out.


It sounds like you and your wife are still using the same Spotify account. With the Family plan you can have up to 6 accounts under 1 subscription. 


You can learn more about the Family plan on our support page


We hope this clears things up!

I have a similar problem. We use Sonos at home and use my account. When I am at work, my music won't play if my wife is listening at home. I suspect we need to upgrade to family premium, which is fine, but not sure how that will work. Will be need to set up three accounts? One for me, one for my wife and a third for household one for use on sonos/alexa. If so how will that work with the app? Will we need to have our individual accounts on our phones and then the family account on a separate ipad? I guess sonos can only be connected to one account at a time. In which case, can we share ourt play lists so they work across all devices? All very complicated! Any and all help would be welcome. Thank you.


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