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I can't use my premium subscription


I can't use my premium subscription


I've been a premium subscriber since two years. Since yesterday I can only use Spotify Free, but according to my subscription status I have an active Spotify Premium subscription valid until April 30. I've lost all my playlists and I'm really frustrated. What can I do??


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Hi! I can't use my Premium subscription as well, help me, please.

I availed premuim last june2017 and it will expire 3months after.. when i have my new phone i log out it hoping to access on my new one.. Unfortunately, the same account(xiennatimex) is now not a premium. Can anyone help me?

Same problem here.

I was using the 7 day trial,then i got a spotify premium gift card i used it and now after the 7 day trial its says im a free user

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