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I cant cancel my Facebook log-in account

I cant cancel my Facebook log-in account

So I have a new account on Spotify and I want to cancel my Facebook log-in accoount but then it says that it sent a confirmation before they deactivate my account to one of my old gmail accounts which I can't log-in now since I forgot the password because it was made in 2012-2013. So now I have a problem because it seems like I can't change my email to my new one so I cant deactivate this account. Please help. I want to link my new account to facebook but I cant.


P.S. I cannot change the password of my old gmail account nor recover it because I forgot all of the information I provided when I created it because it was just created on whim.


<Mod edit: Screenshots contained personal info>

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Hey @kbmaputi, welcome to the community!


Since you don't have access to the email address linked to your Spotify account created via Facebook, I suggest reaching out to our Support team for further assistance.


You can contact them via Twitter or Facebook. They'll be able to find your accounts to help you out.


All the best.

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