I cant change my country


I cant change my country

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So i recently ended my free premium trial. Once the trial ended, I have been unable to log back into my account on the desktop and mobile app(error code 403). I keep trying to change my country to fix this, but it says my email is taken. I live in Canada and I have never used my account abroad.Can I get some help here?

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Have you checked the FAQ yet? There happen to be a topic that describes your problem quite well. Here is that part, I hope it helps.


Hey @Seth02, help's here!


Thanks to @shere92 for the link to the useful FAQ page; this should be helpful in this case.


If you're still experiencing difficulties with the email address issue and can't seem to log in to your account, we'd recommend getting in contact with us directly via email, or by tweeting our support handle. We'll be able to help you out further and take a look under the hood.


Let us know how it goes.