I cant even log in!!!!! whatttttttt

I cant even log in!!!!! whatttttttt

I try and log in - i enter my details and it says log in failed so i click new user then enter my fb details and it says i have an account and logs me on fb but i cant log in on spotify............. whatttttttt???


Help 😕

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me encuentro en la misma situacion desde esta mañana... quiero disfrutar de la musicaaa, por favorrrrr

In English please?

traducctor en español, gracias

SE - Were you able to create your own username when you joined Spotify? At the moment all I can find is your account that's linked to Facebook.


Aniker- It seems you made a duplicate account on our system that is linked to your Facebook.


Just log out and log back in with your 'aniker24' username (not your email address). For more information please click here.

I can't login either. It happened after I upgraded Spotify today.


I have tried to reinstall Spotify, which didn't help.

Hmm. I succeeded in logging in again. Don't know what happened.



No I try to but it says you already have an acct n have to log in via face book?!




SE - If you weren't able to create a unique Spotify username, your log in details are the same email address and password you use for Facebook.

When exactly did you create your account?

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