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Samsung Galaxy note 20

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Android Oreo


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I have another account and beacuse I don't remember the password I cant log in to it so I opened a new Spotify account. I can't log in to my email either and that's why I can't reset the password to my first Spotify account, so I pay for Spotify premium without using it at all. 

Please help me I don't know what to do beacuse I dont have email and I dont know the password and I cant reset the password to my email beacuse its not working at all. I paid through PayPal. 

Please help me!!! I dont wanna pay every month without using Spotify premium.



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Hi There!


Sorry to hear about your issues. 


First, if you cannot access your email, you can reset your email password for whatever service you use (i.e. Gmail). Then, after this is reset, you can login to your original Spotify account by resetting your spotify password.


To summarize for what you can do:

1) reset Email password (they usually ask for another email account or phone number)

2) reset Spotify password once you have regained access to your email.


After this, you can email spotify support to delete your 'extra' Spotify account that you made.


Hope this helps! For more information, you can try visiting this page here: https://support.spotify.com/us/account_payment_help/account_help/




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