I cant pay with Ininal

I cant pay with Ininal

When I try to make a monthly payment wtih my Ininal cart it says :
 '' I guess the card or the payment provider is having a bad day. Do not worry, you were never paid. Try again or use another payment method.  ''

There is nothing wrong with my card , ı dont make anything wrong . I dont know why ı have this problem but ı dont have any other cart so ı cant pay and ı cant use my premium account anymore . Please help me

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Hey @Fatih_Bickin, welcome to the Spotify Community!


Sorry to hear that you're having issues with your card 😞

Can you please take a look at the following infographic?


Card Problems.png


Please let me know if you still need help after trying out those steps! Happy listening 🙂

Well thanks for your offer but it still dont work . I try with different browser , and details are correct.

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