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I created a new Spotify account and they gave me a username?

I created a new Spotify account and they gave me a username?

Hello, I recently created a new spotify account to purchase Spotify premium. I entered in all my information correctly but for some crazy reason when I chose the username "Triznok", spotify decided to just give me this user instead: r05mgsze3n1mcjd0jpql6iag1

Now I really do not understand this problem because you can't even change the user if you wanted because Spotify doesn't support that option. If this isn't resolved then I will be taking my buisness else where. 

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Hey @AngryatSpotify2,


Spotify has recently changed some things in their sign up form. Users can now choose a display name (Triznok, in your case) instead of a username.


Your name on your user profile will still show as Triznok, and any playlists made by you will show as made by Triznok too, so no one will ever get to see your real username.

Hope this helps to clear things up. If you have any other questions, let me know.

MaximSpotify Star
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This isn't true.  I tested this out by following playlists.  And when I tried to search for my username on another spotify account so that I could follow the new username's playlists, it couldn't find it.  Stop spreading false information.

In addition, under your new username, while you can add playlists, no one will be able to follow them because they're linked to your new random name.  Don't believe me?  Check the account profile page, and you'll see your username is not what you selected.  Spotify just went downhill big time for me, and I will be getting premium service elsewhere unless this problem is addressed.  Clearly, something changed.

Hey @Billymadison59,


Thanks for your feedback. What @Maxim's saying is correct.


However, if you're still not happy with the way your username currently displays, we'd recommend getting in contact with us directly via email, or by tweeting our support handle to voice your opinions on how your current username is displayed. 


We're always testing things in order to improve Spotify. We don't have any more info to share right now, but we'll let the team know your feedback on this.




How is @Maxim correct?  When you create playlists, they don't show up as under the display name - they're shown up as under the jumbled alphanumeric user name, making it incredibly difficult for anyone to follow those playlists.  What's the point of even doing that?  Security measures?  If you wanted stronger security measures, don't let your company get hacked.  People want to be able to choose their own usernames, because they want to be able to access their accounts whenever they want.  If I were to create an account, I'd get a username that is a random assortment of letters and numbers.  Sure, Spotify asks me - what name do you want to display?  That's great.  However, if I were to try and log in via my mobile app now, I'd have to log in using the ridiculous alphanumeric username that Spotify provided me.  This is true with any new device I want to log in to.  Why would anyone want a premium service in which they have to do that much more work?  I tested this out already, and logging in was so annoying that I gave up.  I told my girlfriend getting Spotify isn't worth it at this rate.  Prove me wrong.   

And one more thing to add, to show that @Maxim is wrong.  When you create an account with a display name of your choice, the user name on your profile is not the display name you choose - he/she is wrong here.  In fact, it is the jumbled alphanumeric username assigned by Spotify - hence why you have to sign in with that assigned user name. 


Now here's the best part.  Only when you try to close your account via the website, by going to "About" then "Contact" then "Account" then "permanently close my account" does your username in the top right corner show up as your chosen display name.  Only then does that happen.  But before that, it's the alphanumeric username.  So maybe you think it works then, and you try to log in using the name you chose.  Nope, still doesn't work.  I'm disappointed that Spotify has this bug.

I have this issue as well.  I'm not certain what feature spotify is testing that would require a username to not show up as the actual profile name you show.  Anything they're testing needs to be done in the background and not affect users, especially the paid users.  I'm not one of those but this issue has prevented me from going the premium route.  When they get this fixed I'll move from Tidal, but until then, I'll just use Tidal and spotify free.


The admins are just doing their job by towing the company line and saying whatever excuse they're told to say.  Can't blame them for that, but it'd be nice to actually acknoledge the issue and correct it.  This has been going on for a very long time.  Do a google search and you'll see.

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