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I deleted facebook and now I don't have a "normal" username

I deleted facebook and now I don't have a "normal" username

I got Spotify when I had a Facebook and now I have been Facebook free for about 4 years. It's hard to log into my Spotify from other devices because my username is just random letters and numbers. How can I fix this without needing a brand new Spotify account?

3 Replies

You can't have a "normal" username unless you link your account with Facebook.


It's all a massive conspiracy to control your mind and influence how you vote in the next election. Didn't you know that the CEO of Spotify is married to Mark Zuckerberg's second cousin?


Just kidding. That part's a joke. But you can't have a "regular" username unless you connect your Spotify account to your Facebook account.


I don't think there's anything wrong with  22g2jgzdepglzur, though. It's a pretty cool name. You just need to decide how to pronounce it. 

i get that, but it's entirely untrue, plenty of my friends have none facebook usernames.


Then again they can be also related to the zucc and the massive conspiracy O_O

Yeah, but so what's the matter with that "custom display name" that you can create? That would be THE solution.


Where do I create that?!? 

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