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I don't have access to my music (Xbox one)

I don't have access to my music (Xbox one)

My Spotify on Xbox one has been working completely fine until for no apparent reason I have lost all my music and Spotify will not display anything at all if I go to the "my music" tab. Initially I lost all my music then I lost my playlists and followed playlists. I unistalled the app and reinstalled it but when I opened it again It still did not display anything. If I try to listen to a song it takes ages and half the time no pop up apears allowing me to pause or skip song... If the pop up does appear there is no option to add the song to "my music". If i start listening to one song, search for another and start playing that one instead at the bottom of the screen both songs names/ artist names weirdly overlap eachother. Every time I try to play the app in the background whilst playing a game it almost always closed the app and stops the song. 

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My issue was fixed after simply waiting

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