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I entered the wrong email and my password doesn't work.

I entered the wrong email and my password doesn't work.

So I entered my email wrong. However I have no clue what I entered wrong. It could be a number a letter or a symbol. As I have each in my password. The thing is, as soon as I made this account for my sister I got the trial for premium and set it up with my card. I cant access the account. I saved the password in chrome, checked the saved passwords list in chrome, copy and pasted the password with the username and yet the password wont work. Is there a way I can get the subscription ended by you guys without me needing to enter the account so you can cancel any payment. Luckily I have the month to get this done. the trial ends on the 9th of march and I dont want to have the recurring payment for an account Im not using.

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I recommend reaching out directly to Spotify Support. With this anonymous online contact form, you can reach them without subscribing to / having access to a Spotify account or the email that was used to create that account.



They can also be reached through their Facebook Page SpotifyCares or their Twitter Handle @SpotifyCares.


If you use the online contact form instead of Facebook or Twitter, make sure to check your inbox and junk folder for an email from Spotify.





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