I firmly want to contact a spotify user. Could you help me?


I firmly want to contact a spotify user. Could you help me?


Hello there, I'm trying to contact a spotify user (https://open.spotify.com/user/corrente./) but it seems there's no way. It's driving me insane. Is it impossible to reach other users, or is there any possible way? It's kind of being very important to me. It's frustrating that Spotify doesn't have any chat or pm system. 

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Hey @rossocenere, welcome to the Community!


It's not possible to send private messages through Spotify, but we'll let our team know it's something you'd like to see.


We hope that clears everything up.


Thanks. Even if it's not what I was looking for, at least I'm glad Spotify will get to know about its users' wishes.

I really hope private messages could be implemented again; there are really no ways I could contact that person, even though I wish I could ask him something about his music so much. 

Please, make people connections grow further.


Thanks a lot.


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it's sad how they remove the message system from spotify. i used to share many songs and even talk about music with my friends and other people from the site but spotify just remove it


pretty sad seriously


I suggest you, actually ask you to create a new topic and say it clearly. It would be a way for Spotify to notice users' wishes. If we want to see something change, we have to talk and look for it. 

Thanks! 🙂