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I have a Facebook account but cannot use it for the WD LIve device.

I have a Facebook account but cannot use it for the WD LIve device.

So fine, I know they say I need a Spotify login - but I cannot create one because guess what, I already have an account and it is tied to Facebook! I've got a chicken-and-egg problem here.


Anybody have any suggestions?



4 Replies

Same problem here with squeezebox. I am surprised that you do not have an answer after two weeks.

ditto with squeezebox.  Since newer spotify accounts can only be made in facebook, some random number got generated as my spotify account user name.  That username will not be accepted from the spotify app along with my facebook pwd.  It will also not accept my username and wd used to log into facebbok.  

Okay I sent an email asking what to do and this cleared it up.

You can retrieve your Spotify username and create your “device password” here (please login with your Facebook credentials):

Once you have your Spotify username and your device password, please login to Spotify on your Squeezebox system with these details.


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