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I have a familiar account, but my family is not able to login

I have a familiar account, but my family is not able to login

All my family and me are living at the same house, we registered using the same postal code (when I registered, I was not able to change my postal code), but now in account settings I have the right one, even when my familiy is input the same postal code, they don´t have access to the family account, does any one have this problem?


3 Replies

I am having the same trouble. I keep trying to sign my kids up but it keeps taking us back and forth between the code page and the name and address page. Back and forth.... Its so annoying

The same happens to my daughter's account, the data is ok, but spotify is rejecting her data as wrong. So deeply annoying.

WHAT SHOULD I DO SPOTIFY TEAM! not a link where help can be provided easy and gast.


I just got my daughter signed up with the family account finally after lots of frustration and tries. I had to send the link, then go into her email on my phone to accept the link and fill out the info and then it worked. I don't k ow why it won't work with her going into her own email off her ipod. Ugh...

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