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I have no Idea what I'm paying for

I have no Idea what I'm paying for

I renewed an itunes subscription which cost me £12.99, for my account using my email. When I log into it it was still free?


Then I subscriped through spotify (at this point I realised I'd been thieved by itunes) then my account went premium.


I have no idea what account my itunes subscription is paying for? My apple id is the same as my email, so I can't be using another account name, and otherwise there'd be a username clash.


I've also lost all my playlists I had when I was paying through itunes.

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Hi Thomas,


You have two Spotify accounts linked to the same email address.  The one with your playlists and itunes payments is called thomashedgekeeper.  If you login using that username and the password that you set, you will be able to use that account.


Please contact the support team if you would like to get the accounts merged.

 hi, you seem like a helpful person with spotify problems. i never signed up for spotify but charges for $5.42 are showing up on my credit card. what should i do?

Hi guri3789,


Sorry - I have only just seen this.  Have you been in touch with the support team?  They will be able to find where that payment went.

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