I have two accounts. Sonos and android.

I have two accounts. Sonos and android.

I signed up for Spotify premium through Sonos after my free trial had ended. Everything works fine.

However when I downloaded the Spotify app onto my android and logged in via facebook I cannot get Spotify premium,it is asking for payment again.

I had two facebook accounts unknowingly. I have deactivated one of them.

I have two spotify username numbers, one on Spotify free (android app) and one on Spotify premium (via Sonos app).

How can I sort it out as I cannot use my premium account on my Spotify app on my android.

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Hey DAMCHIEF, welcome to the Community!

Get in touch with one of our lovely support team here and they should be able to put things right. Include both username/IDs if you know them to speed things along.


For common support questions, see support.spotify.com.
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