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I have two accounts but cant access my second one

I have two accounts but cant access my second one

Hey Spotify community:


I am being charged twice a month.. one for my student discount which is my main account (accessed through facebook), and the other for another account that I dont remember creating.


For the second account, I am being charged full price, but I dont know how to access this account to delete it. I've tried different email addresses, but nothing is showing up. Its a mystery payment that I'd rather not pay.


So, Im wondering if there is anyway that Spotify can locate my account via my Credit Card number, since emails dont appear to work. Its pretty annoying that theres no number to call, so I hope this works.


If anyone has any ideas on how to delete an account that you cant access, it'd be quite helpful, thanks!:)

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Hi, welcome to the Spotify Community!

I would suggest getting in touch using the online contact form. If you get an automated response back, just reply directly back to the email (even if its from a no-reply account) and someone from Spotify will get in touch right away.

Hope this helps!

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