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I lost money because of Spotify´s mistake and they refuse to help

I lost money because of Spotify´s mistake and they refuse to help

I received an email from Spotify (, informing me which artists are going to give concert in the city where I live (Berlin). On top of the list was a Turkish rock band which I really love,  called "Vega", with a banner pic of the lead singer.


I got excited and immediately clicked on the banner, which redirected me to an external ticket shop with this link. On the page one can see there is no description about the artist, it just displays a guy singing in a smokey background.


Well I have thought that its one of the other members of the turkish band, I really didnt think it could be another artist. After all, I have clicked on a banner in the Spotify´s email, with a picuture of the band I love and like, and redirected to the ticket shop of another Artist, apperantly a german rapper. Since I was excited and I didnt think it could be a different artist, I got 2 tickets of that german rapper, thinking that its the Turkish Band I love. I want to state once more that on the ticket shop there are no descriptions about the artist aside of an unclear smokey picture.


Now who is faulty? Spotify database messed up and sends me an emails telling me my favourite band is coming to Berlin, and relates it to a German rapper in the ticket shop. They accepted they did wrong, but they refuse now to compensate my loss. A giant company like spotify is refusing to fix a ridiculuously amateur mistake they have done and do not want to refund my money. This is wrong in so many levels.


I just want this to be heard by broader users Spotify because their customer service is not helping.




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