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I'm a student but get charged the full amount

I'm a student but get charged the full amount

I have applied for a student discount. This kept working until one payment didn't go through. I added money to the account and re-entered my mastercard. Now I see that spotify took 10 euros from my mastercard balance. I tried to re-apply the SheerID thing, but it told me that it was already activated. Now I'm stuck. 

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Hi there @BaconGoingHam,

thanks for reaching out to the community !


Could you please check your current account status over at your account overview at ?


If there's was an issue with one of the payments which wasn't sorted on time, it might have effected your subscription status which was reverted and this explains the charge.


Furthermore, please contact support through this "About Us" page and have them take a closer look at your account for you.


Hope this helps.

Let me know if you have any further questions 🙂



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