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I'm paying every month, but apparently have a 'Free' account!

I'm paying every month, but apparently have a 'Free' account!

My spotify doesn't work with Sonos any more and as far as I can tell I am on a 'free' account. The money goes out of my bank account every month though!


Can anyone help with this?



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Incidentally, do people from Spotify participate in theis forum? It seems to be impossible to contact anyone from the company in any other way ...

I've been contacted by Spotify, and I've been awarded a 'Reply Badge'. Really makes up for paying for a service I don't appear to be getting!! To be fair, I think it was an automated reply.




Hey @rickspangle


I've taken a look and it appears you have 2 accounts. One with the username you're using to login to this forum, the other through your Facebook account. Could you try logging out of Spotify and back in again via Facebook?

Aha! That would explain it - cheers Pete. I'll have a go at that later.


Thanks for the help.





Hi there Pete,

I'm having a similar issue, I noticed that vodafone charged me for spotify three times in a row for spotify premiuim, but the billing team explain to me that I should be contacting spotify. The probem is that I am keep being charged, but I have never subscribed for spotify premium. I ended up deleting all my spotify apps so I wouldn't get charged next month. However, I still feel that it's unfair and I'm asking to look through my account and find the problem. Thanks

Hi Pete,


I've logged in on my other account (via Facebook) and that also says it is a free account. My Sonos system says "Spotify on Sonos requires a Spotify Premium account", so I can't use it. The only way I listen to Spotify is via Sonos, and that was the only reason I signed up to Spotify.


Spotify is taking money out of my bank account every month but not allowing me to use the service.


Can you help?




OK, so the situation is this: I have a 'Spotify Unlimited' Account, which I have been paying for for a while - maybe a couple of years? I signed up so that I could listen to music through my Sonos system, and for a while everything was fine.


For various reasons I haven't listened used Spotify for ages, and when I tried recently it told me I have a free account (not true) and have to pay £10 per month for Premium if I want to listen to it through Sonos. I don't want to double the amount I pay, because I don't use it very often.


What really pisses me off is that at some stage in the past something has changed that means that the subscription that I pay every month has become useless to me, but neither Spotify or Sonos have bothered to tell me this, they just keep taking the money out of me account. As well as being an example of appaling customer service, it is also surely illegal in some way? Can you change terms so that something they are paying for becomes useless, and not tell them???


I'm not very happy, and I want my money back for every month since the terms of use were changed without my knowledge. Who do I talk to about that? Is there a customer services function at Spotify? Does it operate through this forum?


Pete - are you in customer services?


im paying since July every month and cant enter my account, and cant stop paying becouse I cant enter to the premium...

6 month and cant do nothing PLEASE HELP

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