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I moved, but I can't use Spotify?!

I moved, but I can't use Spotify?!

My husband is in the military and we are now stationed in Guam..WHICH IS A US TERRITORY.

We just got all of our stuff today (since they have to ship it). Now, I can't log onto Spotify because it says that I can't use it abroad and that I either need to change my country or upgrade to premium. It won't let me change my country though..and my country is still technically USA.

What gives??

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Hey! Welcome to the community 🙂


Unfortunately due to licensing restrictions Spotify is not available in US overseas territories. 

If you still have a credit/debit card registered on the mainland, you can use it to upgrade to unlimited or premium to continue using this service. 



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your problem is probably that your internet connection is serviced by that country you're at right now. it has no meaning whatsoever if your computer is technically on US territory. if you go to google maps and locate yourself, you'll see that you're abroad.


long story short: get yourself a VPN connection or upgrade your account.


a vpn connection is an internet connection over an internet connection. so you can connect to your local internet service provider, the one abroad, and then establish another internet connection to some US VPN provider, if you know one. then it SEEMS like you use an internet connection from within the US and you can use spotify again.

the only problem is, that there aren't too many public VPN points... but there are PROXIES that you could use. but beware, this is not a new idea and therefor many people will try this. that means, that the http-proxies can b slow.


have fun.

Thanks for the input guys!

I tried starting a new account, and everything is fine there. I guess I just lost all of my previous stuff  😕

but a new account is not necessary. you don't lose eveything... try setting a proxy in the spotify settings. use the list i provided earlier. try each single one of them, but use US-based proxies.



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