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I need my account to be deleted

I need my account to be deleted

Hello and a happy new year to every one!


How long does it take to have my account closed? I used the contact form and I replied to the automated mail, nothing happened yet. I have an account with Facebook-login but I want to re-open a Premium account with the same email address without having to use Facebook. The Spotify Case # is 01143916.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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You should hear back shortly, don't worry. Your case is with the right team.


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Everything's OK now! The old account has been deleted and I'm already using the new one. Thanks for the quick help!

Hello, i like my account to be deleted .. i've send 2 e-mails and replied at 1 of the e-mails( in dutch ).
is it going to be deleted now or do i have to wait?

How long ago did you get in touch? If you replied to the automated email directly someone should get back to you as soon as they can.

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It was about a hour ago that i replied to the automated e-mail
but still didn't recieve an e-mail back. 
Could it be that its different cause i live in the netherlands? ( other support team or something like that )
sorry if i'm asking stupid questions hehe! but thanks for replying though!

Hi Sam,


I have exactly the same problem.

What can I do?


I need my email free for a fresh subscription in order to pick a new UserID and then going to Premium.


Thank you.

If you'd like an old account deleted in order to free up your email address to create a new account, please get in touch here and one of our friendly advisors will be back in touch to help further. If you receive an autoresponse, just send a reply and someone will get back to you shortly.


For Twitter support, find us at @SpotifyCares.

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