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I only have a card that is from a different country where i live

I only have a card that is from a different country where i live

I'd like to subscribe to Spotify but i have only a credit card issued in Canada, but i live and use spotify in Australia. Would it work for me to change my country to Canada (possibly with a vpn if it needs a canadian IP), pay for it, then change my country back to Australia or will premium only work in canada? Thanks!!

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Hey there @spoonofsoup!

Unfortunately, you cannot use the VPN option as this is illegal. You need to access Spotify from the country of your residence for rightsholders reasons and to ensure the correct artist is paid the correct amount.


I myself live in Australia and the best suggestions I can give you:


  • Head over to coles or Woolworths or any store that sells Spotify premium gift cards and buy one of those
  • Open an Australian bank account, it's really fast and you don't need anything other than the money in there that you need for Spotify 🙂

I hope this answers your question 🙂


Thanks for the reply! I actually do have an Australian bank account but as all the larger banks seem to support oil and mining interests, my chosen bank doesn't have good online pay support and hasn't even gotten me a debit card yet (5 weeks later now). Coles sounds like a good option, I'm curious as to whether I will still get the first month free if I register with a prepaid card though?

wow, hope you get that debit card quickly!


Unfortunately using a prepaid card won't get you that free month. 

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