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I "disconnected from facebook" but it didn't seem to work

I "disconnected from facebook" but it didn't seem to work

I've selected disconnect from facebook. Yet when I log-in (using my spotify username I created back in December 2011) I still see a list of friends and it pulls up my newest profile picture from facebook. I really want this disconnected. I've restarted the program, cleared cache and cookies, and always login with my spotify username and not my facebook account. I don't know what else to do to get it to unlink.

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I've checked your account and it seems that Facebook is unlinked our end at the moment. Your cache might be pulling older data from when you were previously linked.


Try logging out and log back in, and see if you're still linked then. Failing that, try a clean installation and a cache clean,  this might get it looking just right for you.

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Facebook was required in December 2011, it was not possible to create a Spotify account back then. I know this, I was visiting my parents and I tried to sign them up for Spotify and just got greeted by "you need a facebook account". Oops, no Spotify for them! Spotify ruined my christmas.


But it does seem that you signed up before Facebook was required (that is, before September 22nd 2011) since an employee just confirmed your disconnection. If reinstalling fails, try deleting your cache folder. You can find out what it is in preferences (under Cache - Location)

The account was actually created in August 2011. Small mistake 🙂
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Yes, my mistake. It was in December 2011 that I upgraded to premium. Forgot I had it a couple months before that. 🙂

Thanks... I tried all of that but nothing worked. 😕

I've tried clearing cache, re-installing... none of that works... and now I've recently started getting email notifications that 'friends' have joined spotify, are modifying playlists, etc. Not sure how that is possible if I am supposedly disconnected from facebook. I definitely do not want to get these email, so I logged into my account to edit my profile. I clicked 'never' for all the email notification options and when I hit the save button... the page reloaded and tells me that 'another account is already registered with this email address'

I also got a 'welcome to spotify' email the other day. It seems something strange is going on with my account. Help please!

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