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I registred with an e-mail adress i don't have anymore


I registred with an e-mail adress i don't have anymore


So I bought a Spotify Premium (1 month) present card today, and when I came home I activated it. It went fine, but now it says that the payment failed.  It's a red box that says this:

Din prenumerationsbetalning misslyckades.Du förlorar din prenumeration om det inte finns något fungerande betalningssätt för ditt konto. Uppdatera din betalningsinformation.
Vi försöker genomföra betalningen igen om några dagar.


I don't know how to properly translate it, so here is a google translate:

Your subscription payment failed . You lose your subscription if there is no efficient method of payment for your account. Update your payment information. We try to make the payment in a few days .


But I already payed in the store?? Guess it has something to do with that my email adress don't exist anymore... I should have changed it before, but I thought of it just after I activated the code...

My English is not the best, but I hope you understand anyway. Please help me with this! And by the way, I apperantly have premium after all? I have it on my phone and computer but it still says this.