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I've paid for Premium and it's not upgraded! 1/5/13


I've paid for Premium and it's not upgraded! 1/5/13

EDIT: This issue has now been fixed. Log out and log back in and your accounts should get that sweet, sweet Premium.


EDIT #2: May have spoken a little too soon. Bear with us a little big longer folks.


Hi guys,


We're currently having a little server issue that might be causing a delay when upgrading accounts. It may also be effecting your Profile page on the website.


Don't worry, the team's on it. It should be fixed shortly.


We'll keep you updated on this thread, so please keep an eye on it.





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@cawilson718 wrote:

It is working for me now on both devices!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey there,


Thanks for update.




Let me know if I can help you in other thing about Spotify:))

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228 Replies

great !! 😞




will it be working today



Can we get a ETA on that fix? I'm trying to go on a bike ride and would really love to listen to my tunes.




also will we be getting an extension to our premium account if it is not fixed today?

I'm still getting ads despite having paid for Premium. You say you're having server problems. Looking back over other complaints, I see that you've been using the server excuse for several days. If you want to keep paying customers, you need to get your act together. 


I'd like a credit or an extension for today as well...and any other days you have "server problems."

My "delay" has been since 9am Tuesday morning (now 28 hours).  That's more than a delay.

when its gonna start to work??

I have the exact same problem... come on guys you are getting paid to deliver a professional service.

Hi, I have the same problem, I bought spotify premium three hours ago and it still does not work. How is this possible? I cannot even get in touch with you(Spoitfy), all I can do is send an e-mail that you are not even responding to. Is this really how it should be? Paying for an upgrade that does not even work. You really need to get more professional.

Now my account is Premium, but there are no playlists on my Android.

Not working !!! yet? becuase i have paid but dont get premium ... 😞

Really this is getting frustrating.
Think i've done it all to resolve the issue on my on and now i see it's the servers thats making all the fuss. =P
Hope it'll work soon.

I also finally made the jump to premium, but my account upgrade is not recognized on either my desktop or any other device. The thing that sucks the most is there's no customer service chat or support number to call. It took me 40 minutes just to find this thread concerning my problem. I'm not exactly a fan of calling any customer service number, but at least I know I may have an opporunity of talking to an actual person. 


I guess this is what customer service is coming to 😕

I've the same problem. I upgraded my Spotify Account 1h ago. Can't use on my mobile and on my desktop I have a free option.

I'm having the same issue. I am Mac based and using an iphone.  Conveniently I'm still getting charged monthly for premiumbut all my playlists are gone and I only have access to radio... any advise?  

We should get some kind of compensation such as... lets say at least few free days or something..

Hi. I paid for Spotify Unlimited ealier today. I have logged in and out many times. I've even tried to reinstall spotify a couple times. Still not working.


It says I have active Unlimited version on the spotify webpage and I also received my receipt.


What is this?

So frustrated...

Why am I paying for a service you can't get working? I recently had to get a new bank card that my account was linked to. I resubscribed to premium which is understandable. But after confirming payment and getting a receipt, I still can't listen to music on my phone? You've got no problem taking money. Just providing the service that is being paid for?

I got a Premium account and is working on my Mac after I had to manually delete a lot of files, but it's not working on my device like my iPhone or my ipad

At this rate I'm starting to regret moving from Deezer to spotify...

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