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I've paid for Premium and it's not upgraded! 1/5/13


I've paid for Premium and it's not upgraded! 1/5/13

EDIT: This issue has now been fixed. Log out and log back in and your accounts should get that sweet, sweet Premium.


EDIT #2: May have spoken a little too soon. Bear with us a little big longer folks.


Hi guys,


We're currently having a little server issue that might be causing a delay when upgrading accounts. It may also be effecting your Profile page on the website.


Don't worry, the team's on it. It should be fixed shortly.


We'll keep you updated on this thread, so please keep an eye on it.





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I did a clean reinstall but still NO DIFFERANCE!

I have the premium account and my desktop says I have the premium account but when I try and stream a song on my iphone app it says "only premium users can stream on demand.  Radio is always free".  I have uninstalled and reinstalled both desktop and iphone, still nothing.


help please

I did the logout/login and it is still not working.

just tweeted to spotify status hopefully they get this working soon

Just re-did ANOTHER clean install on both my PC and iPhone and the problem persists. Are you even testing your fixes or just throwing those announcements out there?

same problem here!

I have cleaned history and cookies , uninstalled and logged in and out and still the same 😞

Can you try a clean reinstallation and see if that helps? 



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this is shiiiiiiiiiiiit

Same same, stil not working, 

I agree..same problem here 😞

the same here. darn i just pay for the service 20 minutes ago. don't know about this problem. 

Done. Still says I exceeded my 10 hour limit. 

Same here ! I have try the clean reinstallation, either my iMac and iPhone 5 doesn't work. The premium account is not working


post says it is fixed and to log out/log back in but mine still doesnt work.   i also cleared the cache and reinstalled just in case that was the issue.   motorola razr maxx with android.

Just tried it, did'nt work

I've signed up for the free trial for premium for an hour ago, and it still doesnt work. I've tried to log in and out, uninstall and reinstall. Nothing is working. 

Is this because my facebook has another email adress than the one i've registered on spotify? Is hasnt been an issue earlier that they have two emails...

Can somebody help??

i don't understand. on my macbook i play songs wiithout interruption of commercial, but i can't put my playlist in offline mode to syncronize on my iphone. what is wrong? could it be about the problem we speak about???

I just paid for Premium and am still unable to see the upgrade on my iPhone. I have tried reinstalling the app and logging out and back in. Please advise, thanks!

I have the same problem. I payed Premium and is not working in premium. I hear advertising and I cannot play my lists on the iphone . Why???

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