I want to switch my Facebook account.

I want to switch my Facebook account.

I have 2 Spotify accounts.. One is premium and one is not. I deleted my Facebook account recently that was like led to my premium account. I want to connect my premium account to my new Facebook. My new Facebook account has the same email address as the free Spotify account. Now whenever I try to login to either of the accounts it says Spotify already has an account linked to the address.... Yet I can't login to any of the accounts without using my old Facebook information.. Please help!! I do not want to pay premium for two different accounts nor do I want to lose all the music and play lists I have created.
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I am entitled to free Spotify Premium with my mobile provider. I didn't even know I had an old Spotify account attached to my fb account. Upon regestering my mobile number to receive free premium, it has been attached to the account I don't even use. How can I get this changed to the account I actually use. I changed my fb email address too. Do I need to unsubscribe the Spotify account Premium is attached too.? and will Premium be added to the account i actually use.

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