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I will be charged?

I will be charged?


Now 1 month ago i just tried spotify premium for 30 days after 21 days i just canceled it. After when it goes to spotify free i just deleted my account. After 1-2 weeks i just re created my account with the same email and i want to know if i will be charged or no?

And the another thing is, now when i open the spotify from the mobile i have spotify free and i can chose what song i want and i have the 2 arrows forward and backward.

So yeah i just wanna to know if i will be charged if i re created my spotify account with the same email.

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Hi @Erik921


You should not be charged, if you've cancelled your subscription. 

You can always check the status of your Spotify account here

Yeah i know but how i said it i just canceled my premium and when goes to free i deleted it after 1 week i re created with the same email and now i dont have ads i have unlimited skips and yeah and i have the free version. 😕 strange no?

Do you still have premium features when you use a different device or web player?

I just logged in my sister's phone with my spotify and yeah i have unlimited skips i can listen my favorite music. Is strange this thing. 

Yes, that's weird. 

Just to make sure, if you follow this link, it says you have free account?

Well it says Spotify free and after says get premium so yes that s strange 

I just want to know if I will be charged.

And I don't know what to do



Okay, thank you for confirming that. 


When you closed your account, did you follow steps that you can find here?

If you did, your account should be deleted permanently after 7 days. When you created a new one using the same email address, previous payment details shouldn't be stored in the new account. 


Some screenshot of what you see in the app would be really helpful. Just make sure that there's no sensitive or private info. 


Yeah i waited 1 week to re create my account with the same email
😕 strange.

Hi again @Erik921


Could you check this Spotify Answer to make sure you're not accessing another account? 


And if you could provide any screenschoot of your app, that would be helpful as well. 

Well I'm 100% I'm not using another account

And when I click on forget password it cames to my email

And where I need to screenshot like on my profile?



Thank you for confirming that @Erik921.


It would be helpful to see screenshots of your main page in the app to see what it looks like. 

What do you see, when you open one of the playlists made by Spotify?

And a screenschot of the 'now playing' song on full screen would be appreciated as well.

Well it looks like when you have the free spotify but after 2 hours i will send a screenshow because now i dont have to much time to send it, sorry 

But i will send it to you.

Payment date

Hi @Erik921


No problem! Take your time, I'll wait for your reply. 

what do you mean 
"payment date"

Okay, Thank you.

I send now the screenshot.

Hey again sorry for bothering but I think it's resolved, I got 1 more screenshot.

Hi @Erik921,  


Thank you for the additional screenshot. 

I'm glad everything worked out. 


If you neede anything else, feel free to ask. 

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