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Identity Theft on Spotify! Help!

Identity Theft on Spotify! Help!

Many Artists like Slash, UFO, Racer X and others (some Artists I follow for their world famous guitar playing) getting their identities and profiles stolen. But even worse, this week 5 songs on my release radar are NOT from the artists I follow. The song are even linked wrongly. This is unbearable. Constantly I hear weird epileptic songs on my release radar from artists I never even heard of. This is not supposed to happen! I made a video about it in case somebody needs further information:


So what is Spotify doing so far to counter this criminal behaviour?








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2 Replies

Hi there @jakegerb,

thanks for reaching out to the community !


First i want to clear something out regarding your "Release Radar" section.

This section does not rely only on your followed artists as you mentioned in your post.


The content gathered for it is made of songs Spotify recommends based on your musical taste and listened content and it may contains artists you have never played before.

In order to read more on the functionality of the "Made For You" section please pay a visit to this info page.


However, if you're experiencing odd behavior on your account, please make sure to take the extra measures listed on this and this help pages. 


In addition to all that, if you had found error in the content presented, you're more than welcome to report it using this page.


Hope this helps 🙂 

thanks for the reply, but that didn't help at all.

1. I report all content issues
2. The artists I get on my release radar that I don't like are unsurprisingly exactly the ones I follow with the same name and I like (no coincidence!!), but they are not the same.
3. Based on my music taste? Listen to this Race X song I posted in the screenshot (the one in the red circle), it is nowhere near my taste. The original Racer X make guitar based music and are worldwide known in guitar communities (one of their guitar players is paul gilbert). It has nothing to do with the song I circled in red.
4.Even though I report the songs and the artists, I constantly get scamming artists in my release radar again the next week. So, how do I know they are scamming and cheating to get more plays they don't deserve?
- the music in produced at low quality standards procutionwise (I studied Audioengineering so beliebe my I know)
- the compositions**bleep** (not speaking from a subjective perspective believe me. listen for yourself)
- literally the most unfamous artistst that "accidentally" have the same names like Slash, Racer X and e.g. UFO. Are you kidding me?

Just see for yourself.....
This is a big shitstorm and nobody is realizing it apparantely.

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