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Impossible to make spotify familly work

Impossible to make spotify familly work

I am a spotify premium user and register to spotify family.

Unfortunately the invited accounts were never able to create device passwords. We spent 2 hours on this. I moved back to premium and will probably also cancel this.

By the way, your help and support sucks.

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Hey @username12342 thanks for posting in the Spotify Community! 


I hope I can help to to solve that problem, I found a thread on a topic recently that might help. You can check that here but here's a summary.

"Suggestions to solve your issue:

1) Have a check through your account overview site 
2) If there are no members yet, click on one of the empty member places
3) Send your kids the invite by using a link. You can send the link to your daughters by using any type of messaging app etc. (e.g. Facebook, WhatsApp, Email...)
4) They just have to open the link and log themselves in with their individual Spotify Accounts (Free Subscription)
5) Now your kids should appear here and can profit from Spotify Premium features

I hope this will solve the problem! - Let me know. If not please reply here again!"


Let me know how you get on! 


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