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Installed on seperate computer, lost all playlists

Installed on seperate computer, lost all playlists



I recently installed postify on my iPad and lost all of my playlists. I had a substantial amount (moving away from local content) and want to know how I can get them back.



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Hi there. Is it possible you're logging in two separate accounts on desktop and on your iPad?

Community Ergo Sum

I've been using my facebook login with each so I find that doubtful unless of course they are the same login with the same password (possible, but not likely).

Hello there,

I've just taken a look at your account, and you should be able to get into your playlists by using "jmcfey" as your username. It's also worth mentioning here that you would only be able to use the Radio function on your iPad on the free version of Spotify.
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