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Introductory Trial Offer - student discount

Introductory Trial Offer - student discount

I have subscribed for the introductory trial offer (0,99) which will then turn into 9,99 a month, but I am eligible for student discount too.

After three months do I have to cancel and then apply for student discounts? Or can I do it now and in the end of the three months it will be charged 50% off?


It is not very clear when it's stated:


Already got a Spotify subscription or a Premium Trial?

The discounted rate will kick in at your next subscription renewal, after signing up for the student discount.


Because the next subscription renewal should be in one year, right?


Anyway, thank you.

1 Reply

Hi @xbagao. You should be able to cancel your subscription now, retain those three months, and upgrade to the student discount no problem. Just to be sure though, go ahead and take a look at your subscriptions page. How far out is your renewal date? If it's three months from when you started the trial, then you can cancel now and enroll into the student discount now. After the trial offer expires your student discount will begin, and should be good fro 12 months from then on. Keep in mind after 12 months your account will automatically revert and you'll start being charged the full price! Please let me know if you have any other questions. Cheers!

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