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Invite Spotify Family not received by invitee

Invite Spotify Family not received by invitee

Invited my boyfriend who lives with me to Spotify Family no email was received by him. How can I fix this? I am paying for this service and not getting anything for the money spent! He wants to keep his account so I dont want to use the workaround of a different email.

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Hey @lizbe, help's here. 


If you've sent an invite that didn't show up on your boyfriend's inbox, make sure he checks the spam folder as well. If it's not there, send another invite. 


If it still doesn't show up, send an invite to another email that belongs to him. He doesn't have to create a new account, he will simply get prompted to log in on his account to complete the process, regardless of the email address that's registered on the account, so no worries there.


Find more info about Premium for Family here.


Hope that helps, and let us know how it goes 🙂


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