Is Spotify using my spotify account for commercials?


Is Spotify using my spotify account for commercials?


I have noticed some activity recently where my Facebook account tells me and everyone on Facebook that i listened to some music that Ivé never heard about, before I today saw on that via their Twitter account were actually promoting two of the albums that i supposedly listened to... So, the million dollar question for Spotify... Are you seriously using my Facebook account for promotion usage???


I require an answer! 

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Re: Is Spotify using my spotify account for commercials?

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Tracks you listen to Spotify can be shown on Facebook, if you choose to do so. You can change these settings within both Facebook and Spotify. It shouldn't show tracks you haven't listened to, however...  


In Spotify, there is an option called "Private Session". Click on your name over in the top right hand corner, and select Private Session. This will stop sharing any tracks on Facebook and you play over that point.


This option is only designed for temporary use, so if you're looking for something a little more permanent, we've included that too. In the Preferences menu (Edit > Preferences on Windows, or Spotify > Preferences on a Mac), we have an option called "Show what I listen to on Facebook", under the Activity Sharing tab. Uncheck this, and the tracks you play in Spotify will not be sent to Facebook.


Over on Facebook, you can also change the privacy of such posts to ensure they only show up for you. Pop over to Facebook, click on "Account Settings" > Apps > Spotify > Edit, then next to the "Post on your behalf", select "Only Me" on the drop down menu. This will mean any posts relating to Spotify made from the application will only be visible to you.

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Re: Is Spotify using my spotify account for commercials?


Why is it that i can only use private session for 6 hours on my phone? And i have turned on private session on my computer as well, but my friends still get updates from me.

Re: Is Spotify using my spotify account for commercials?

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On Android, there is a setting for "Show on Facebook" that you can turn off. It will not reset after six hours.


However, you currently can't stop tracks played through the mobile app going on Spotify Social, which is the people list and listening stream on the PC/Mac app. 


This is only on Android, I don't know about the other mobile apps, except Symbian which does not have social at all.