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Is someone using my account? Random songs are showing up in my recently played songs.

Is someone using my account? Random songs are showing up in my recently played songs.

I'm using the Spotify desktop app on a Windows 10 machine. I'm on the free plan and in the USA.


A few months ago, I started having issues with my account where I would be listening to a song and then a random rap song would start playing. I don't listen to rap.  It's just not my genre. Then the audio would stop entirely and it would say that I had switched to listening via the web player.  I would change it back. But then it would happen again.

After a few weeks of this happening very seldomly, I realized that maybe someone else was using my account. (Why someone else would want to use my free Spotify account is a mystery to me). Anyway, to resolve the issue, I went to the Spotify website, logged my account out of all devices, and reset my password. I thought that would be the end of it.

For the most part, things seemed to have worked.  I haven't had any issues with my account switched to streaming on some other random account. But random songs keep showing up in my Recently Played list on the Home screen of the Spotify Desktop App.  It's started to mess up my Discover Weekly, which was my favorite part of Spotify.

What might be going on and how can I resolve the issue? Also, is there a way to look at and/or edit the play history of my account?



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Yes, that was definitely another person on your account. On the deepweb these hacked spotify accounts go for 5 dollars per account. Just a tip, never use the same password twice and maybe consider a password manager.

I use last pass and varied passwords, so I'm not sure how they got in. Any idea why a Free account would be of any value on the deepweb? Also any idea if I can edit the play history?

Hey there @user-removed,


There are several things you can do to ensure your account is well protected. We recommend you visit this support page to learn how.


Hopefully it will not come to this! But should you loose access to your account, be sure to follow the steps on this page. The support team will then help you to secure your account and hand it back to you.


And while there's currently no way to manually reset your listening history and recommendations, we'd suggest you add your +VOTE to this idea, if this is something you'd like to see implemented in the future. 


You can read more about how the Idea Exchange works here.


Feel free to reach out to us again, if you're having any concerns.


Take care!

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It's a pretty well known issue that random, illegitimate songs and artists show up in the recently played list.
I've searched for this bug or whatever it is and found a lot of people have seen the same thing happen. I'm almost 100% sure it is an issue on Spotify's part and doesn't have to do with your account being compromised. In my case and in lots of other cases it's been the same one song artists with weird names that show up out of nowhere on your recently played.

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