Issue with loggin in


Issue with loggin in

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I have a problem with loggin on my account. Yesterday i tried to listen to music but the app logged me out. Problem occurs on every pratform, no matter is that android app, web player or app on windows. When I type correct username and password aplication is trying to log me in but after one seccond it withdraws me back to logging site. When i type incorrect password it automaticly shows me statment that "username or password is incorrect". When i try to change passord I dont get any email. It looks like my accont disapear somewhere. I cant even stop subscription because i cant log in to cancel

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Re: Issue with loggin in


Hey @TrumpeK, welcome to the Community!


Try resetting your password using an incognito window to see if it makes a difference. Make sure you're inputting your email address in all lowercase letters. 


Let us know if it helps.