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Issue with upgrading from Student subscription to Family.

Issue with upgrading from Student subscription to Family.



So I signed up using my Facebook account originally, there was no option to write my current address anywhere.


So I have read around the subject for upgrading to Spotify family and noticed that you have to have the same address within the family, which we do, however I read that some users that originally signed up using facebook experienced an issue whereby the members they invited to use their spotify family would receive an error when prompted to enter the address they live at. 


I'm guessing that when signing up for Spotify through Facebook, there is no option to write your own address in Spotify, thus Spotify cannot confirm that the newly invited members live at the same address. 


My question is: How will I be able to add an address to my account before upgrading to Spotify Family? I cannot find any options to register my address.

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Hey @saamset, welcome to the community!


Once you get the Premium for Family plan and send the first invitation to a family member, a window will pop up requesting your current physical address. This is the information that needs to be verified by all family members to join the plan.


Having your account created via Facebook shouldn't influence this process. For all the info on how the Family plan works, just click here.


All the best.

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