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Issues with Account Payment Details

Issues with Account Payment Details


I'm having two issues today. 

I activated Spotify through my Rogers account in Canada, and it said it was set up as the payment option on my account. Then, when I logged into Spotify to double-check, not only did it not indicate that Rogers was the method of payment, it also was giving me an error saying that I needed to update my credit card details because it would expire soon. Which... no? I recently updated those credit card details to a card with a 2019 expiry date, and it's been charging that card up to this point with no problem anyway.


Can someone please assist? I have no clue how the **bleep** it's now going to be charging me going forward based on what I see on my account.

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Hey there!


This is something our Accounts team needs to look into. Get in touch with us via this contact form, on Twitter with the @SpotifyCares handle, or on our Facebook page.

We'll be happy to help you sort this out.

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