It's not my songs

It's not my songs


Hi, i made a recovery password because i logged out and can't connect. Then, i connected my account and was surprised because my registered songs wasn't there anymore.. 

i have a premium account. I register my songs in "library -> titles" and now the songs in "titles" are differents from which i have registered in the past!

On the screenshots you can see these false songs.. there is a song called "Numb" like mine, but mine was by the artist "linkin park" and not "21savage". Also, a song called "nowadays" but mine was by "Riles" and not "lil skies".. 

I lost all of my songs replaced by others and i don't know how, i did nothing...

Please could you help me i'm desperate...

Thank you in advance.


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check on your computer on the web reader or on the application of your computer,  the titles
that you have subscribed for a long time if are still there. If you do not find your songs, you search them in the search box and you have a playlist created
and you put them with the name "Title" and for the library: Titles: you put new single coming out.





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