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Just bought premium and now I have a new account?

Just bought premium and now I have a new account?

I logged in with my email and password instead of logging in with facebook and in doing so, this created a new account when I purchased premium. How do I retrieve me facebook account? I uninstalled and reinstalled spotify and even resetted my facebook password. My name is gone on the account and now looks like 22rysl4ddafwuubtdne427ggy. Can I transfer my playlists over to my new premium or just somehow delete the one it created? I have private playlists I need to get back!

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Nevermind.. I was able to retrieve it since I realized I was still logged into it on this account here. I will just recreate my playlists. Is there a way to change the username from 22rysl4ddafwuubtdne427ggy though? That is too long to remember haha

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