Just bought premium, but it's not working!

Just bought premium, but it's not working!

Kinda frustrated, I just signed up for premium so that I could get my music on my iPhone, but I can't listen to anything, just says that I need to get premium to stream, but my account-info says that I have an active premium account already. What do I need to do??
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Hey there, I'm sorry for any problems with your Premium purchase.

Spotify is working to make server more stable for you - you get your update ASAP.


Same problem here.

Hey there - Spotify is working with this issue!

Same, and it's really frustrating! It isn't working on my laptop either

Hey there - Spotify is STILL working with this issue!

I have exactly the same problem!!! 😞 :@

Yes, and I say anothertime -- Spotify is working with this issue:))

No it's not!! For me it says "0 minutes" and when I try to play a song I get a message that my 10 hours limit exceeded -.- 

And money from my bank account is already gone. No money and no premium. What's happening?! 😞

Yes, and I say yet anothertime -- Spotify is working with this issue:))

What are  you on about? I'm telling you that I can't start any song!!! Give me back my money or fix the problem!

Spotify is working with your issue. Premium is onit's way, some delay with updates today!

It is being investigated and fixed currently, in fact the problem has apparently been fixed but the servers are mostly likely playing catch up so are behind a little!



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When will it come then??

Soon. Servers are working to update as much accounts as possible!

But my time is over in Community this night. Let me know if you have some questions, I answer later:))

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