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Just deactivated my FB...oops! Help, please!

Just deactivated my FB...oops! Help, please!

Hello! I deactivated my Facebook. I am a Premium Spotify user. I DO NOT want to reactivate my facebook. What can I do? I don't want to be charged for something I can no longer use because I no longer have a facebook.


My email for spotify/fb is littleduck730 at bellsouth dot net OR sbarket at live dot com. (I say OR because right before I deactivated my account, I changed my email address, not sure which one will work now...was bellsouth, changed to live)


Help would be greatly appreciated! If you need more info, let me know!

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Oh look...had to reactivate my fb account to post this message...

I'm guessing you signed up with Facebook, right?


If that's the case, you are permanently connected and you must make a new account. Cancel your subscription on your Facebook account and create a new Spotify account on the Spotify website (when asked, choose "sign up with email").



If you created a separate Spotify account when you signed up, you can unlink simply by going to preferences and clicking "Disconnect from Facebook". Then your FB won't get activated again.

Stupify is correct here. 

I wrote a tutorial which explains the different methods for disconnecting your account from Facebook depending on your account type here



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