Just downloaded, can't even sign in


Just downloaded, can't even sign in




So, I downloaded this app from Facebook, then tried to log in.  It wouldn't let me, so I came here to main website, and re-downloaded it for Mac (I have a MacBook Pro, and thought the general one from Facebook just didn't work on my computer).  Didn't work.  I've gone on Facebook and changed my password, and still nothing.  It keeps telling me that "either (my) username or password is incorrect", which neither is, for Facebook.  I tried to log in here, and it says its connected to my Facebook account, but when I go back and try to log in, it STILL won't let me.  I changed my username here (never got asked for a password) and tried *that*.  No dice.  I never even got a confirmation e-mail, and I've checked my inbox, SPAM folder and trash folder (even though the last one's manual).  I'm getting really frustrated, and while I intend to eventually buy the membership, if I can't even get the *free* one to work, screw it, I'll delete the whole thing and use another app.  Please help!