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Just joined, supposed to be free for 30 days but I've been charged, TWICE

Just joined, supposed to be free for 30 days but I've been charged, TWICE

used the contact us form a few days ago - heard nothing, I am absolutely fuming, you had no right to take ANY money from me at all, someone contact me ASAP

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Hi DG10- A response to your case is on the way. It's best for payments issues to be handled via email so we can confirm some details.


Please keep an eye on your inbox for that message.

Hi, I'm having the same problem, although I've only been charged 1,05 DKK.

It says free, so can't see why I should be charged anything.

Hi JudedByCowz - Welcome to the Community!


So that 1,05 DKK is an authorisation charge made after you've entered your details on our site. It isn't debited and no money will be taken.


We've got a snippet about this on our FAQ:


Hi Meredith, Can you please sort this out, I've replied to your email twice since recieving it and recieved an auto response saying you would be back to me within 24 hours. You haven't. Thanks.

bump, still no-one been back to me.

Hi DG10 - A response was sent to your case just this morning. Please have a look in your inbox whenever you get the chance. 

Hi Meredith, the same problem happened to me. Could you sort it out please?? Thanks Gabriela 

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