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Just payed for a premium account-Not getting premium

Just payed for a premium account-Not getting premium

Hello, I just bought a month of Spotify Premium, and I cannot get it working. I cannot use the premium features on my phone, nor my PC. I am still seeing and hearing advertisements in between my songs. Can someone please help? Thanks!

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Please note it can take some time for a premium subscription to activate across all devices.

1) Have you checked your subsriptions page to make sure you are successfully premium?
2) Try logging out and in, and if it is still not premium, reinstalling Spotify.
3) Make sure you're logging in with the right account; it's very easy to have both facebook and Spotify details!


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"You have an active Spotify Premium subscription. Your subscription will automatically renew and you will be charged $9.99 on 2013-06-06 unless you cancel your recurring payment."


It appears the transaction was successful. I just want to download music, and rid of ads!

Seems you're logged in right now so hopefully everything is as it should be, but if not, try logging out and back in today and that should do the trick. 


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