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Just started account charged premium still says free

Just started account charged premium still says free

Just tried a 2 day trial and loved spotify so I payed for a premium. When I go to listen to a specific album it says I'm not a premium user and will not let me listen to a specific song I want just free radio. I have a bank statement for 9.99 for the premium monthly charge. I have tried many diffrent solutions very frustrating guys.
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I am having the same problem. If you found a solution that would be great.

still giving me a problem i have tried to e-mail spotify customer support and still no answer. you would think for charging us for a service they would be a little quicker responding.

I am having the same problem, why is there no phone number to call!!!?

Have been a premium paying customer for 2 years and having a BBQ in half an hour but no music :((

Anyone got any advice as the spotify team are happy taking the money but not providing the service!!!

here is the answer i recieved. this didnt even help me ill keep updating you guys since spotify wont this is really sad


To manage your subscriptions or to change your subscription options,     click here.    

     If this link doesn't work:       Log on to The Spotify Community. Click My Profile. Click the Subscriptions & Bookmarks tab. Change your settings and click Save Changes.

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Your The Spotify Community Team

Gerdee & Dread – I believe you may have both created more than one account on our system. Your emails are linked to FB accounts that haven't been upgraded.


When you first joined Spotify were you able to create your own username? Or did you join via Facebook?


Murrayb – I've just responded to your other post in this thread:


i joined via facebook.

Ok thanks Gerdee. I can see you've filled out our contact form which is a great help.


I've just sent you a response--please keep an eye on your inbox for me.

I have sent you a photo of my bank statement. The charge is there. It says spotify withdraw 9.99 my balance in my checking account is even 9.99 less. Spotify has charged me I'm linked up via Facebook. This is getting absolutely ridiculous.

Hi Gerdee - As this is a payments issue we can't continue to help via the forums. I've just sent another response to your last message. 


If you could forward on those details via email it'd be a great help. 

so. i have not heard back for awhile! i have paid for spotify premium service and still nothing is being done. is spotify planning on giving me what i paid for? all you people have done so far is lead me in circles here. i have sent the bank statement to you via my email. So whats the hold up you can see i have paid my fee. You cant just avoid this, you cant treat customers this way.

Hi Gerdee - I can see a response was sent to your email just yesterday afternoon. If you could reply with those requested details we can continue to help sort this out for you. 

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