Keep playlist when switching from family to duo?


Keep playlist when switching from family to duo?

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Maybe asked before but want to know for sure. If i downgrade my subscription from family to duo, are playlist of members being kept?

I red that the member are pushed to free and that i have to move the member back into the duo subscription.


In my subscription, i am the manager and there is one other member.



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Hi @Andrewnl,


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No worries, changing subscriptions allows everyone to keep their own playlists and saved music.


If you change your subscription from Premium Family to Premium Duo, the account of the other member of your Premium Family plan will indeed revert to the free service. However, they won't lose their saved music and playlists (only downloads for offline listening will be lost, being a Premium feature).


After changing your subscription, you can then invite the other user to your new Premium Duo plan. 


Bear in mind that Spotify users are only able to switch plans once in 12 months. 


Let me know if you have any other questions, and have a good day!

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Thanks and clear answer!