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Kicked out from all Spotify platforms (Web, Mobile, App)

Kicked out from all Spotify platforms (Web, Mobile, App)



I've had my account for about three years now, and I've had no issues whatsoever until today. First, I had received an email that my Spotify premium had ended - and at that same moment, I was logged out of Spotify (web app) and soon after when trying to use my mobile app it had logged me out as well. Please note, I cannot log-in through any method (Web, Mobile, App). 


Here are the error details/what I've tried:


Web App:

- Tried to log-on with both regular account details, and Facebook connection. Get the error: "The username or password is incorrect. (Error code: 3). I am 100% sure that the Facebook connection login is correct, as I had tested logging in to Facebook afterwards.

- Same error code when using the regular account details.


Resetting Password: 

- Interesting to note, my account is logged on, as I am able to type in these forums. 

- However, when trying to log-in on Chrome an error displays that the account/username is invalid. 

- Same issue occurs on Chrome In-Cognito

- When trying to log in on Microsoft Edge, the account and email that I type-in state that it is inactive... However, that is the same account I am using to type this forum post as well.


My Account:

- When attempting to go through -> Drop-down for my account -> Account, I receive " redirected you too many times." although I have already cleared my cookies after receiving this error.


Does anyone have any suggestions? 


Much thanks in advance!




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